Technology & Innovation

The proprietary BCORE technology is the outcome of many years of research and innovation. The Composite Embedment heating method makes it a one-of-a-kind device with a wide array of advantages compared to the industry´s available products. Turning it into a better, smoother and higher experience for the user.

Research & Development

Our BCORE advanced heating technology allows for full vaporization of the fluids while granting higher stability and longer life to the device. A long-sought R&D investment that successfully paid off resulted in a higher bonding strength with the substrate and strong corrosion resistance. Having a BCORE technology device will be a point-turning experience for every vaper.

Flowability and Viscosity

With a porosity of up to 53.5% and a density of up to 1.6g/cm³, BCORE is designed to accept different oil viscosities. Allowing users full freedom when choosing their oils, without having to be constrained to a single brand or product.

Pure Taste

The full vaporization BCORE grants and the embedded mechanism where the heat does not directly touch the oil results in a much purer taste and prevents oil burning as well. Along with the controllable resistance, the uniform void distribution, users will always enjoy a larger amount of vapor and a more mellow taste.

Long-lasting of use

BCORE is exclusively made with a composite of silica and alumina, compared to competitors which only use alumina. This composite enhances the strength of the atomizing core, turning it into a not-easily-breakable device while granting a longer lifespan.

Material Selection

All of our products have successfully passed the heavy metals tests that are established by the U.S. Authoritative Laboratories as an Industry standard. BCORE’s materials were specially sourced to conform to the international food safety standards. Making its usage 100% safe.

BCORE Products