The Dream Team

Chip Coble

Director of U.S. Sales Operations

An accomplished business development executive, strategist and solution-oriented leader who thrives in challenging, fast-paced environments A proven self-starter willing to take on significant duties as He has worked on independent projects while working as a contributing member of the team. Having several years’ experience within the California legal cannabis market He learnt the particular nuances and at times nascent environment of cannabis commercial operations, Chip personally has overcome Stage 2b lung cancer while incorporating cannabis into his treatment this provides him a unique insight to the needs of consumers and patients within the industry this drives me to be resolute in providing the highest quality of care and management to my business partners.

Throughout his years in cannabis industry, He has built a solid reputation with brands, employers and customers for being trustworthy, dependable, and dedicated in my responsibilities.

Matthew Herald

Managing Director

Matthew Herald is the Managing Director at iBuddy inc. and currently oversees the United States operations. He has over 16 years of experience in the Cannabis industry with the last 6 years directly involved in the development of cannabis vape brands and technology. Prior to his experience with Vaporization products, he was the Founder of Premium Organics and specialized in concentrates and infusion.